The quality of wood is controlled many times throughout the production chain, both by IT experts and by the sawmills. Before entering the drying chamber, sawn wood are sorted according to their qualities and lengths and classified in many pockets of the sorting lines.

After drying, and at their milling, the wood is again visually sorted by specially skilled workers. The wooden parts can be simultaneously cut to length extremely accurately in a machine specifically designed for this operation called “precise end trimming – PET.”

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“precise end trimming – PET” = cutting a length of wood

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Customized Sorting : Specific qualities on defined specifications
Sort the goods you order according to your own criteria of quality !


Order form Lengths : Choice of lengths on your order form
Buy only the lengths that interest you !

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Stress grading : Sort your goods by class and strength
Ask for C18 / C24 / C30 marking for your construction wood !


Precise End Trimming : Cut to exact lengths
Manufactured wood exactly the length you want !

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